About Us


We the Employee of STAUNCH & CREDIBLE Co are dedicated to serve our customers in a professional way to achieve organizational growth. We pursue our efforts for customer delight by providing best quality of product and services.

We are committed to the professional development of our people by means of “KAIZEN”, sharing knowledge & training.

We are also committed to function in a socially responsible way which protects our environment and meet or exceed the expectations of society as a whole.


  • The Quality Policy of our organisation aims to ensure that the products and services meet the expectations of the customer and intend to conform, quality requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  • The Quality Policy aims are continuous improvement in quality standards of STAUNCH & CREDIBLE CO products & services. We have a culture of shared learning’s from within the organisation & experience of our associates.
  • The Quality Policy is implemented at all levels of the STAUNCH & CREDIBLE CO by acting on people, methods, process, structures, attitude and culture.
  • The Management commits & directly conveys this message to all members of STAUNCH & CREDIBLE CO and business associates for Quality delivery.


The Quality objectives are measurable, consistent with Quality Policy, relevant to the successful completion of the project, and attainment of objectives are part of our efforts for continuous improvement.

The top management of STAUNCH & CREDIBLE CO has identified the following QUALITY OBJECTIVES for the Project.

  1. Ensure that execution is as per agreed Project Schedule.
  2. Meet the customer requirements with regard to the ongoing project in terms of safety, quality, functionality, aesthetics, public convenience and environment.
  3. Implementation of Quality system is foundation of all systems in STAUNCH & CREDIBLE CO. In order to maintain and increase its competitive capability, provides products and services within the established time and quality meeting Customer`s expectations.
  4. Conducting periodic audits and reviews for continuous improvement & Corrective Action/Preventive Action.


STAUNCH & CREDIBLE CO objectives are targeted for satisfaction to:

The Client/consultants by meeting their requirements in terms of performance, quality, price and deadlines.

Its personnel by promoting ethical, social and professional work practices. Training & development of employee is a continuous process.

 Development of society as a whole by being responsible to it & environmental compliant.

 Project management commits itself to:

Implement the Project Quality Plan and Quality Control Procedures to ensure their effective implementation.

 Define and implement a Quality policy consistent with STAUNCH & CREDIBLE CO stated objectives.


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