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Day by day   and year by year the world`s  population is increasing; while the land remains the fixed.  Change in lifestyle & necessarily the number of cars are on the increase, while our own living space shrinks and becomes ever more precious, there is only one logical solution to the growing lack of space in our homes, residential or commercial workplaces is to reduce parking space.

City populations are increasing, requirement for usable space is also increasing. So multi story buildings were planned. Similarly demand for car space has also gone up. In several cities, cost of land is much beyond the reach of individual car park or the cost involved in multilevel conventional parking.

A lack of sufficient parking is often due to the large space required in conventional parking’s; even multilevel parking takes more space in ramp,  concrete columns & structures;  large space in driveways for manual drive  & parking is necessary. So the ultimate solution is Multilevel Car parking. In this the most convenient is Automatic Multilevel Robot parking system.


Quality always was, is and remains for us on  the top priority. Today, this means additional registration and certification according to the international standards.  We also have an efficient customer service with blanket coverage providing a fast service and affordable maintenance costs.

Credible is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and suppliers of car parking systems worldwide. Credible has been executing projects from concept to commissioning of parking systems with a dedicated and specialist teams.  We are specialize in Parking systems, Elevator & Escalators. We are also focused on Robotics and Automation System which gives a complete reliability to customers in the Automatic Car Park  Industry. Our   company provides the most extensive product range worldwide. So go for credible compact parking solutions.

Two Step -Valet Parking (TSVP) System

This system features a pallet that is lifted up after the car is loaded. Thus additional parking can be made available in the space below the loaded pallet. Both indoor and outdoor installation is possible. Installation can be done on simply flat area with no additional architectural work. These systems are electromechanically or hydraulically operated. Preferably these systems are valet parking systems because need of Human Intervention. Its called two step because 1st Park then only Elevate or Ist remove car then only lower to use other than parking level.

 We also have specially designed PIT Stacker Parking. These are Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor installations. Mostly preferred in residential complexes, shopping malls, IT Parks and Hotels.


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