With boom in construction of high rise towers, commercial and residential centers in India and Global Markets, the need for vertical transportation has tremendously increased. We are actively involved in satisfying this vertical transportation need by providing, installing and maintaining, high quality, state of the art technology in elevator and escalator to our valued clients.

With our highly dedicated engineers and technicians at our head office, branch office and our work area, we shall continue to forge lasting partnership with our valued customers, business partners at local and global levels. We shall always be at their door steps to satisfy their service needs.

About us                                         

Staunch Elevator is an Indian Origin Company working in collaboration with world class manufacturers and suppliers to provide state of art product and services. We have our Head office in Mumbai and branch office/ associate office all over India. We also operate in regional and global market. Our active participation is visible in number of projects.

We aim to continue raising competence levels and expand our regional and global operations.capsule-hex-elev

We believe that our people are our greatest asset and hence, we attach much importance to their development as to advance technology and overall capabilities which supports our operations. Our team has a strong technical background to strengthen the company`s engineering capabilities. Sustained emphasis on training, foster a spirit of continuous learning that enhances the value and productivity of our people.  Our rigorously trained and competent human resources are out greatest asset that enable us to meet the challenges of the domestic & international market places.

Proven performance in project management by a team of experienced technocrats and skilled personnel`s demonstrate our capabilities to design, supply, install and commission projects ahead of schedules and customer deadlines. Our strength has been attained by our focus on technological advancements through R & D that result in continuously evolving products with ever improving quality and safety norms.

Core Business:

Our core business has been supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Elevator and escalators. Our products have the most advanced technologies available in the word that offers maximum reliability, comfort, safety and efficiency to the passengers justifying our “Quality in Product & Services” motto.

With a commitment to provide vertical transportation with the highest reliability and safety standards, we shall be the most innovative co. who shares the most of ideas with our clients- the owners, architects and consultants.

Our satisfied  customer segments includes government,  various ministries, universities, social institutions, hotels, hospitals, commercial complexes, housing projects, shopping malls, banks and other institutions. Our services further extends to provide free technical expertise and consultation on all aspects of elevators and escalators design by using the latest technical information and tools like Traffic Analysis system, Hoist way designing, and machine room designing.



Our company is striving to revolutionize in peoples aspiration, lifestyle and comfort. With  a commitment towards providing excellent quality and customer delight in even the tiniest product delivered to any market across the globe. Credible has risen to be considered as an icon of reliability and established itself as an undisputed leader in all essential services. Credible has left no arena neglected, particularly the one pertaining to human safety and comforts in out elevator and escalators.

We have pioneered in introducing following in Our Product:

  • Variable Voltage Variable Frequency ( VVVF) Technology.
  • Improved artificial intelligence system for multi car group control operation.
  • Our product cater to all segments of the elevator and escalator industry like Housing, office building, commercial complex, shopping malls, Hospitals, Banks, Villas and they include
  1. High performance, high speed passenger elevators.
  2. Medium –low speed passenger elevators.
  3. Machine Room less Elevator.
  4. Observation or panoramic elevators.
  5. Home elevators (for villas)
  6. Dumbwaiters (for hotel and  villas)
  7. Hospital bed elevator
  8. Freight Elevator
  9. Escalator
  10. Spiral Escalator
  11. Travators (Moving walks)
  12. Diamond Vision Display Screens
  13. Spare parts of all above products

Our Specialize Services includes:

  • Our Supervisor and Technician`s are trained in-house and overseas on latest technologies
  • Use of high precision and specialized tools like Vibration Analysis instruments and noise measurements.
  • Our in-house quality standards during material in process & final product inspection and check, installation and maintenance checks, that ensures reliable and trouble free operation for long time.
  • Dedicated Service Network of  organized & committed team.
  • Maintenance information System supported by 24 Hrs Call Centre ensures faster response.
  • Entrap Ration Negligible, justifying the reliability and safety of our Product.

Project Management:

  • A team of technocrats has the capability to plan projects and execute them to the highest international standards.
  • Expertise in performance by a team of experienced  technologists and skilled personnel demonstrates our capabilities to design, supply, install and commission projects ahead of schedule and customer dead lines.
  • Our flaw less executions are incredible.

Our logo

Our logo are mark of earning the trust and confidence of people worldwide. Maintaining the value of marks as a symbol of quality and reliability in product and services is our top priority.


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